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Global Citizenship Education Dimension to Teaching and Learning.

Continuous Professional Development of Educators.

Social-Entrepreneurship/ Active-Global Citizenship Development amongst the learners.

we help schools make big changes by starting small

GCED Innovative Schools Initiative is a whole-school integrated Global Citizenship Education program that includes the GCED Innovative Schools' Toolkit and the GCED Teacher Fellowship — a unique in-service professional development program that helps school leaders and educators like you to collectively redesign your school culture; foster a highly contextualized, active and reflective global citizenship education using our structure, process, support and feedback system to create the kind of big change you aspire to—namely, preparing your students for life as global citizens and effective leaders of tomorrow in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.



With the GCED Innovative Schools Initiative, you:

  • Get the know-how and tools required to foster GCED.

  • Develop a concerted and comprehensive approach to provide Deeper Learning Experiences

  • Provide value beyond the classroom curriculum.

  • Establish a strong and empowered team of GCED Teacher Fellows actively fostering reflective and engaged Global Citizenship Education, keeping the school at the top of the transformative journey.

  • Provide an extra dimension to student’s learning and development which other schools may not offer.

  • Set strong foundations of a future-ready global school that is a lively home of the young global citizens and leaders of tomorrow.

  • Add the cutting-edge value of social-entrepreneurship to your students’ CVs.

  • Connect with like-minded educators.

  •  Increase the profile of the school in the local community, making it more attractive for prospective parents and teachers.









We'll give you all the support, tools, frameworks, process, know-how and inspiration you need to transform your school. In return, we'll need commitment, courage, team-work, and a positive, pro-Transformative-Education attitude.

20 Weeks

4 Terms x 5 Weeks

3.5 Hours/Week

Average time invested by an educator


Professional Development Days


Visionary & Committed Principal


Group of Dedicated Team-Players



What we mean when we talk about innovating.

Think Big.

Start Small.

It is all about thinking big, keeping the goal small,
the team tight and the timeline short.

Reflective Action

Don’t overthink it,
just try it. But when you try, reflect on the impact and how you could be more innovative!

Fail Forward and Excel

Foster open-mindedness and a growth mindset. Use your setbacks to fuel future success. If you're not prepared to fail forward, it will be hard to come up with anything original.

Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrating small wins is essential to make big changes and bigger impact!





​The purpose of the GCED Innovative Schools' Code is to describe the core principles upon which participating schools are expected to base their conduct, culture and professional practice. 

A GCED Innovative School is a school that approaches education from a new perspective, unleashing the transformative potential of Global Citizenship Education. The school is committed to the values enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (1990).


GCED Innovative Schools share a willingness to advance the following common characteristics:

  1. Respect the dignity and equality of all individuals, groups, and cultures.

  2. Strive for excellence in transformative education rooted in real contexts, with high standards for students and staff.

  3. Foster GCED Innovation Mindset amongst educators, stakeholders, and learners.

  4. Actively embed Global Citizenship Education in pedagogy and practice.

  5. Promote bold, creative and innovative educational ideas, through a high level of educational experimentation.

  6. Use of multiple approaches to address different learning styles.

  7. High levels of design-based learning, exploration-based learning, experiential learning, and discovery learning.

  8. Use of practices proven to improve educators' and students' morale, engagement, agency, and success.

  9. Evidence of an increase in students' success through the development of transversal competencies.

  10. In-built culture of Continuous Professional Development of educators.

  11. Fulfillment of the promises stated in the school's guiding statements, policies, and promotional materials.

  12. High level of parent and community involvement.


Applications are open twice each year — Cohort 1 [November-January] and Cohort 2 [May-July].


Step 1: Establishing the Strategic Initiative Group

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Identifying and enrolling the members. 

One Week

Step 5: Term 1 Rollout + Implementation

Launch the Action Plan for Term 1

Five Weeks

Step 2: Capacity-Building

Set aspirations. Learn the transformative education mindset and process.

Full-day Capacity-Building Workshop.

Step 6: Reflection Meet

Learn from each other, reflect on learnings/challenges and plan the next terms. Moderated by the Council for GCED Resource Person.

90-Minute Interaction

Step 3: Action Plan

Adopt the mindset & develop an action plan based on the Guidelines & Template.

Three Week Process

Step 7: Plan + Implement the Other 3 Term

Once all four terms are complete, apply for accreditation.
12-15 Weeks

Step 4: Action Plan Feedback

Receive the Feedback on your Action Plan and modify your plan, if required.

Three Hour Workshop

Step 8: Get Accredited

Receive The GCED Innovative School Foundation Ribbon/Award.

  1. Download the Prospectus for Schools and the Institutional Application Form.

  2. We're here to help!  Feel free to contact us at any point during the application process.

  3. Also, you may choose to schedule a consultation with us to find the suitability of your school for the initiative

  4. Join our series of free webinars that aim to support schools with submitting applications. Each webinar is 30 minutes long with an additional 15 mins for Q&A.



Inspire Learners. Empower Educators. Transform Education.

Become a GCED Innovative School.

Enhance the global profile & role of your school.

Foster United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 4.7: Education for Global Citizenship

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