The GCED Teacher Fellowship is a unique in-service professional development experience that activates teachers’ creativity to solve the biggest challenges in education today. The GCED Teacher Fellowship is designed to unleash teachers' potential as creators, co-creators and creative leaders; empowering them to engineer effective learning environments that foster deep learning experiences.


The GCED Teacher Fellowship develops the expertise of educators to foster Global Citizenship Education and enhances their teaching skills while supporting them as they cultivate core global teaching skills.  Each GCED Teacher Fellow is a United Nations' SDG4 Champion and an advocate of SDG 4.7: Global Citizenship Education.

“If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they aren't good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

—Dylan Wiliam

Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment, University College London

The GCED Teacher Fellowship consists of:

  • in-person professional development workshop

  • experiential activities

  • online coursework

  • webinars on dialogical creative pedagogies, creative assessment tools, learning outcomes design, effective mentoring, educational leadership, curriculum development, Leadership through PBL etc. 


Each GCED Teacher Fellow is a part of one of the three committees of the Strategic Initiative Group within their school, concentrating on the three core areas that contribute towards shaping a GCED Innovative School. 

Who is GCED Teacher Fellowship for?

GCED Teacher Fellowship is for educators with a growth mindset looking at expanding their professional portfolios and seeking to innovate and enhance their teaching skills. The GCED Teacher Fellowship is for educators who are passionate about contributing to the cause of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals with special interest in SDG 4.

Strategic Initiative Group members from GCED Innovative Schools who are current k-12 classroom teachers are eligible.

How much time does a GCED Teacher Fellow invest?

On average, each GCED Teacher Fellow invests about 3.5 hours/week for a duration of 20 weeks per year.

Enhance Your Core Teaching Skills.

Lead the Global Citizenship Education Movement. 

Collaboration and Teamwork



Effective Mentoring

Conflict Management


System & Design Thinking

Risk-Taking and Innovation Mindset

Stakeholder Management

Critical & Creative Thinking


Time Management


Record Keeping

Planning & Implementation

Classroom Organization & Management

Transversal Skills

"Be the change you want to see!"

-Mahatma Gandhi

Is there any registration fee towards GCED Teacher Fellowship? How are GCED Teacher Fellows selected?

No, there is no registration fee to be paid by the GCED Teacher Fellow. GCED Teacher Fellows, are nominated by Heads of the SIG and are not required to pay any fee towards the Fellowship. 

What do GCED Teacher Fellows Get?

GCED Teacher Fellowship Prospectus

Webinars & In-Person WOrkshops

Portfolio of Innovative Work

Opportunity to Present Case Study at International Conference

GCED Online Course

GCED Teacher Fellow Pin Badge

Support at each step

Fellowship Certificate

Not from a GCED Innovative School?

Still interested in becoming a GCED Teacher Fellow?

Recommend the GCED Innovative School Initiative to the Head of your school!

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