Name of the Strategic Initiative Group

Him Academy Public School

Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Him Academy Public School (HAPS), Vikas Nagar is a Residential-cum-Day School, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. 

It is nested in the lap of the picturesque Shivalik Hills in Himachal Pradesh, North India. HAPS, caters to students of all districts of the state and neighbouring states as well. The school has 1085 students from Grade 1 to Grade 12. HAPS has achieved various prestigious awards and associations such as Computer Literacy Excellence Award presented by Government of India and is also accredited with International School Award by British Council. The school is also a member of UNESCO-Associated School Project Network and has also received the license to operate International Award for Young People (IAYP).

Head of the Strategic Initiative Group

Dr. Himanshu Sharma

Principal- Academic

GCED Coordinator

Kavita Thakur

Teacher of Mathematics



Abhilasha Sharma

Teacher of Mathematics

Anil Chandel

Teacher of Social Science

Garima Vashisht

Teacher of Science

Kanchan Lakhanpal

Academic Coordinator (Grades 1 -10)

Manisha Marwaha

Teacher of Mathematics

Parul Sondhi

Teacher of Chemistry

Rajni Chauhan

Teacher of Hindi

Sangeeta Thakur

Teacher of Social Science

Shalini Sahotra

Teacher of Science

Shashi Bala

Academic Coordinator (Grades 11 -12)

Sonika Sharma

Teacher of Social Science

Sushma Thakur

Teacher of Hindi

Raghuvir Singh

Teacher of Biology


Our vision is to develop and implement curriculum based on Global needs and to make learning an enjoyable and exciting experience.
Our mission is the all round self development of students by providing quality in education that can empower students to become confident, competent and responsible global citizens, who value education as a lifelong process.
To make children ready with the values they would ultimately need to demonstrate at the global level, firstly, they must be trained to acquire and apply these values at the local level.
In this context, the SEVA (Student Empowerment through Values in Action) program is  instrumental in transforming the mindset of children during their impressionable years. The objectives of SEVA program wholly match with the principles and initiatives of the Council for GCED. Inculcation of values of respect, responsibility, care and resilience can help in creating a culture of peace compassion and sustainable living. Values like integrity and cyber–wellness lead to fairness and promote social justice and human rights.

The Council for GCED provides a platform to promote GCED themes of Peace, Compassion, Empathy, Rights, Citizenship, Environment, Sustainable Development and Cultural Diversity. It is worth mentioning here that Him Academy Public school is already promoting and implementing the above stated GCED objectives through its SEVA programme. Being a member of the Council for GCED would help, lead and advance the Global Citizenship Education (GCED) movement. This will further facilitate us to collaborate with progressive educators and create opportunities for our school to interact and network with global leaders. 

The Council for GCED through '100 Acts of Global Citizenship' provides the opportunities for organizational learning to undertake complex education challenges and sharing best practices in implementation of Global Citizenship Education in the classrooms. This will empower our school in determining, executing, and advancing age-appropriate Global Citizenship Education Curriculum. In collaboration, the SEVA program of the school and the 'Council for GCED' initiatives will prepare the students to be valuable global citizens of tomorrow.







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