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The .ed Magazine is a carefully curated quarterly issue-based flagship publication of the Global Citizenship Foundation. Explore the thought-provoking and impactful ideas from the world's leading domain specialists, policy-makers, experts, education leaders, youth leaders, researchers, scholars, and practitioners.

About the .ed

.ed is a quarterly digital publication by the Global Citizenship Foundation in a bid to explore and shape the many futures of education. The magazine is a community of practice and a platform that brings together educators and thought leaders to discover, discuss, shape, empower, influence, and advance the discourse on— and be a springboard aiding action towards— transforming education for human flourishing.

Each edition of .ed brings together the best minds from across the world to ask, reflect, innovate, and discuss the possibilities of an inclusive and sustainable future that fosters global citizenship and embodies our vision of a better world.

The .ed is bold in approach, forcing introspection where introspection is desired, and change where change is due — asking for insights from the world's leading practitioners, researchers, experts, and inspiring educational leaders to foster discussion and innovation, seeking alternative perspectives for every carefully selected theme each time. 

The effort to ensure the impact of Global Citizenship Education, its concept, and its longevity, is our collective responsibility, and .ed wishes to take that first step forward towards the mobilization of this very same initiative.

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Publisher Information

Name of the Publication: .Ed Magazine
Mode of Publication: Online/Digital
Language: English
Aims and Scope: Transformative Education, Global Education and Educational Issues
Starting Year: 2021
Frequency: Quarterly

Global Citizenship Foundation
Publisher Address: 139, Sector 14, Sonipat Haryana 131001, India
Email: editor(at)globalcitizenshipfoundation.org