Transforming education for human flourishing.

With our global mandate to realize United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, we work towards transforming education for global citizenship and sustainable development. We are dedicated to supporting educators, education leaders, and young people in their efforts to create more inclusive, just, secure, equitable, and sustainable future for all.

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Towards a radically compassionate world for all.

The Global Citizenship Foundation provides strategic support to individuals, institutions, and organizations in 70+ countries to help achieve its core mandate in line with Education 2030, as envisioned by the United Nations.

The Global Citizenship Foundation continues its commitment to transform education for human flourishing by developing global programs and initiatives to build capacity of education leaders, educators, and youth — in the six key areas of focus — towards realizing the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Discover the Global Citizenship Foundation's crucial work in shaping a better future for all.

Key Areas of Focus

Global Citizenship Education

We are one of the pioneering  international organizations established with a mandate to advance United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 4.7, that is, Global Citizenship Education.

Education for Sustainable Development

We empower educators and young people to advance sustainable development goals within the school communities and beyond.

Social-Emotional Learning

We design and co-create programs for educators, learners, and youth to advance social and emotional skills for human flourishing.

Education for Anti-Racism and Inter-cultural Understanding

We advance formal and non-formal education initiatives  for educators and learners to foster anti-racism and intercultural understanding encouraging participants to celebrate diversity and practice inclusion within and beyond the classrooms and communities.

Holocaust and Genocide Education

The Holocaust was a defining point in history and its lessons have much to teach about the danger of extremism and the prevention of genocide today.

Our interventions are designed to create awareness and education for a better future.

Peace and Human Rights Education

We design and co-create programs for educators and learners to advance social and emotional skills for human flourishing.

Featured Events & Training

Take advantage of the excellent upcoming and featured learning and networking opportunities offered by some of the leading global experts, academics, scholars, researchers, and domain leaders.

Our Initiatives

Our projects and initiatives are designed to realize our mandate of realizing United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and the transformation of education for human and planetary flourishing.

Our 2021 Data

Here is a look back at the Global Citizenship Foundation's achievements and milestones in 2021.






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We believe global citizenship education is essential for preparing young people for our shared democratic life. Since 2016, we have been supporting school leaders, educators, and young people in a variety of ways.

The Global Citizenship Foundation calls on all stakeholders to support high-quality global citizenship education in schools, colleges, universities, and higher education institutions. With your active support, we can help educators, school leaders, and young people transform education for human flourishing!

Get involved, speak out, volunteer, participate in our initiatives, or become a donor and contribute to our efforts of transforming education for human flourishing.