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About the Commune

The Educational Leadership Commune is a private by-invitation-only community for global education leaders —from 100+ countries — where you can engage, explore, and network with other awesome educational leaders and the Global Citizenship Education team members, gain free access to masterclasses, events, professional development opportunities and more.

It's a great place for education leaders who walk the walk to talk the talk. Hang out. Learn great insights. Grow and impact your educational institutions.

We built this community to connect our extraordinary educational leaders from around the world. With all the collective knowledge and experience housed here, it’s a net positive for everyone.

What you get?

  • Get verifiable member credentials and professional development certificates.
  • Free access to Masterclasses led by subject matter experts.
  • Opportunity to interact with global peers and grow your professional network.
  • Priority access to Global conferences and events.
  • Exposure to emerging education trends, technologies, and pedagogies.
  • Access to relevant content and opportunities.
  • Be the first to hear about new projects, features, events, and offers.
  • Live, interactive online Orientations for new members.
  • Gain insight and advice from peers who have faced similar challenges.
  • Share you leadership and success story with the community and hear others' leadership and success stories.
  • Celebrate small and big wins, together.
  • Priority access to the GCED e-Campus.
  • Build an awesome community, together!

Who is in the Commune?

  • Educational Leaders
  • Heads of K-12 Schools
  • Heads of Leading Educational Organizations
  • University Professors
  • GCED Team from the Global Citizenship Foundation
  • Educators
  • Academic Researchers and Scholars

What's in the 🎁 Box?

  • Threads & Chats to foster deeply engaged conversations
  • Documents & Courses to give you access to hosted content, recordings, links, saved posts, & more
  • Events to enhance your community experience.
  • Match-ups that are personalized & automated to help you leverage the best of community networking
  • Voice Rooms to spark engaging audio and video conversations.

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By-Invitation Only

As a member-only community, we take great care in ensuring verified educators connect with us at the community. Write to us and we'll send you an invitation, post screening. Apply now and be the heartbeat of our community.

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