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Asia Rebecca Tundo

Peace and Human Rights Activist
Soka University

Asia is a student at Soka University, Japan, graduating in Peace and Human Rights. She has previously focused on human security, human rights protection, and nuclear weapons, and in 2022 , she was able to participate in the Hiroshima-ICAN Academy learning about nuclear risks from A-bomb survivors. Consequently, in her graduation thesis, she had discussed how nuclear deterrence is affecting security in Europe with a focus on what kind of peace is deterrence creating and how human security is impacted by it.

As a result of this experience, she started with 5 other students and a professor the AKADEMIA Forum, an endeavor that includes Artivism events to promote social justice and empowerment through arts. She discussed the framework of Learn, Reflect, Empower at Lakeland University with the title "Peace education as key to reflect on the Past and build towards the Future" (2023) and at DePaul University "Value-Creating Education in Action: Experiential Learning and Empowerment through Implementation for Change (2023)".

Currently, she is researching trans* leadership asking, "what is the role of resistance and how can youth with non-conforming identities affect social change?"

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