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Craig Fullerton

Executive Business and Education
Integral Education
Hong Kong

Craig Fullerton is considered an inspirational thought leader in Integral Education. Integral Education is a learning model where Craig incorporates aspects of Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Associative Learning, and NLP. The media refers to Craig as “THE” expert keynote speaker in education. With over two decades of experience across the world as an Educational Leader, Teacher, Consultant, Bestselling Author, and TED Speaker, he consults, coaches, and mentors educators and leaders.

Craig Fullerton is considered an inspirational thoughtleader in integral education. Integral Education is a modelof learning where Craig incorporates aspects ofneuroscience, cognitive psychology, associative learning,and NLP.The media refers to Craig as “THE” expert keynotespeaker in education. With over 2 decades of experienceacross the world as an Educational Leader, Teacher,Consultant, Bestselling Author and TED Speaker, heconsults, coaches and mentors educational leadershipteams, teachers and students in China and Asia Pacific.He believes that using a Neuroeducation approach to learning and teaching opensup challenging and transparent conversations, whether in an education orcoaching environment. He is able to lead people of all ages and vocations touncover their motivational drivers, needs and values to create and sustainmeaningful change and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.His Ideas are based on a lifetime of research and insights on approaches tolearning, coaching and mentoring, drawn from hands-on experience acrossmultiple senior teaching, administration and leadership roles; personal andexecutive coaching.His integral education philosophically, is based on the changing role of educators.An educator is no longer just focused on ‘giving content’ to students, but walkingstudents through the process of facilitating learning through Neuroeducationapproaches to content mastery. This approach to learning enables us to move thecontent outside of the traditional, creating student empowerment and teacher ascoach.His research background, optimization, and implementation expertise deliver directstrategic and financial benefits in the educational context.Craig continues to be based across Australia and the Asia Pacific Region. He iscurrently based in Hong Kong.

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