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Dr Prof Emiliano Bosio

Associate Professor
Toyo University

Dr. Emiliano Bosio, Ph.D. is a Professor (Ass.) of Education at the Toyo University in Japan.

Emiliano Bosio, Ph.D., is an educator, author, and public intellectual. Currently, Prof. Bosio lectures at Toyo University in Japan. He is the Editor of several notable books, including "Conversations on Global Citizenship Education" (Routledge), "Global Citizenship Education in the Global South" (Brill), and "The Emergence of the Ethically Engaged University" (Springer). His most recent publications include "Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy and Critical Global Citizenship Education" (with Peter McLaren) (2022), "Ethical Global Citizenship Education" (with Hans Schattle) (2021), "Critical Pedagogy and Global Citizenship Education" (with Henry Giroux) (2021), and "Global Citizenship Education at the Crossroads" (with Carlos Alberto Torres) (2020).

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Dr Prof Emiliano Bosio